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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Open Your Big Mouth!!!

pagi2 dah buat orang sakit hati...
tolonglah manusia...
apa yg buat kamu salah faham lg ni?

hari aku tiba2 moody+gloomy sebab benda remeh ni.
apa hal yg kau x puas hati ni?
tell me please...

gara2 mulut cabul kau,
orang lain salah paham.
ingat bagus ke benda ni?
buat orang salah paham ngan orang lain.

benda yg x sepatutnya jadi pun ble jadi tau tak?
aku bengang ngan kau!!
U HAVE RUINED MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tengah2 malam dapat text yg merosakkan mood aku untuk tidur lena..
apa hal ni?
siapakah empunya mulut yg suka2 hati cakap benda yg ble buat org salah paham...?
tolonglah manusia.
kau ada akal untuk menilai.
bukan dengan lidah yg x ada tulang.

no wonder i don't feel good these few days.
i will face this situation again.
miss understand with him makes me terrible.
only one person i said that thing to.
but it's not exactly what he said to me.


if i know whose the person...
she/he will know who Nurul Amni is.
don't play with fire if u could not find water to save u later. 
u will regret later..

i hate saying this,
once u did that,
u will c who AMNI in different ways.
thanx to "The Person"
because of  your lovely heart
to open your BIG MOUTH to others!

i have no mood now.
we don't have good feeling to each other.
i should clear this thing out as soon as possible,
but whose OWN that BIG MOUTH???

**** that person!

mood: VERY BAD


Sunday, February 20, 2011

I WON!!! hehehe....(HAPPY MOOD ^__^)

Morning, 20th February 2011
06.30 am

Good Morning Si+Zi...^O^ How Are You Today...?

Wish U have a nice day today ;)

Btw, today is Sunday... Holiday moment... love it. ^______^

Hoho...And I got a lot of work to do today.  Pffh! =.=’

“Think positive, Amni.”
“Hoho... ok ok.”

Erm... plan for today is...

Strolling for food with Si+Zi..^____^

Hahaha... (Mood: so happy)

After doing hostel’s chores, dishes, laundry, and assignments, then...
Take a nap...  ;p

But, I cannot sleep because keep texting with Si+Zi and

And I felt very sleepy... (~. ~)’ have to take a nap.

Morning, 20th February 2011
11.30 am.

Wake up and lay down on bed. (lazy to sit + I am hungry +_+’)

No mood to continue doing my assignment ^O^

I have decided to watch movie. ;) So happy mood... lalala...

Mid day, 20th February 2011
12.30 pm.

Stop doing things and prepared for myself.

I am going out for foods... yeah! ^O^

Happy... happy... happy...

Since my tummy had sung a song from early in the morning.

Ergh! (+_+||)I am starving... huhuhu...

But then I received a text,
(Shock for a while) “Is it the time?” (O.o)??
Hohoho...^O^, “yes, it is. Yeappi!

Lalala~ wear tudung and go out immediately. ^____^

Arrived at town,

We met Kak Hayati... and,

Ohya! Mr. Ismail, my ex-teacher and my Abahs’ friend... ;)

Chit chats for a while and go to Dreamland Restaurant for lunch.

Yeappi! Yeappi! Yeappi!

Finally, my tummy can silence. Hohoho...

(Mood: very happy ^O^)

We ordered Ayam Masak Masam Manis and drinks.

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!


Find a “place” we have been looking for since Friday.

It is isolated but interesting “place”.

I told you. You would not regret coming “there”.  (^_^) v

Si+Zi and I have great moments “there”.

Enjoyed, laughed and relax.

V (^___________^) V

Finally we found the “place”. (^____^) v

At first, we were just looking around... hoho...

Suddenly we decided to test the equipment there.

Sauna & Spa (Jacuzzi)!!!

Wow!!! Marvellous! Splendid!! Bravo!!!

Hohoho... that’s over compliment, Amni!

Anyhow, we really enjoyed the treatment.

V (^________^) V

“Two thumbs up!” Said Si+Zi.
“Four thumbs up!” I replied.
“Hahaha... two of mine, another two are yours.”
“Yeap. That’s right. (^^ ,) v.”­­­­

Evening, 20th February 2011
5.45 pm.

Done with everything at town...

We’re ready to go ‘home’...

Huargh! So tired but we enjoyed the day. (^_^) v

Tonight we got Festival 1Malaysia (Chinese New Year)

Organised by our own IPGKK’s trainees.

I would attend the festival because I have had promised Sin Ting to... ^O^

But, I really wanted to attend that Festival on my own.

I cannot wait to see their hard work.


Evening, 20th February 2011
08.00 pm.

Ready to Tan Sri Suffian Koroh Hall with Si+Zi.

(=.= ll ) a bit tired actually.

But, because of the promised and I really wanted to see them...

I force myself to go.

“At least, I support them as my friends, isn’t?”
“(^^,) v”

Evening, 20th February 2011
11.00 pm.


The festival was sooooooo amazing.

Honestly, I stand for them.

I thought their tired was paid off. (^____^)

I really enjoyed their performance.

Great! Especially, the Lion Dance, 24 Drums, the  Fan Dance, 1Malaysia Dance, and many more.

I do not know what the name of the performance just now was, But, I really enjoyed it.

V (^_______^) V

Congratulation to Geoffrey and friends for their hard work and time to make sure the festival was running smoothly.


I give a big clap for you. ( ^^ , )

Then, I’m online. Lalala~

Blog walking time... (^___^)

Open the blogger home and view updates from other bloggers.

Saw Debbie’s post about her contest.

(Dup Dap Dup Dap...)

View her blog and tadaaa.....

I won that contest!!!

Yeappi! Yeappi! Yeappi!

Thanks very much to Dear Debbie.

Below are the sequences of the contest...

I follow the updates tau... hehe

I am double happy today...


Begin with this

Followed with this

And lastly...

That is the end of my day.
(sempat share this news with Si+Zi ^__^)

It is time to sleep...
(=_=)' sleepy already.

BTW, thanks again to Debbie.
Later I send you the words. (^^ ,)v

Nite-nite everyone.
Sleep Well, Sleep Tight, and Sweet Dream.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friend Like You

I can see the pain living in your eyes
And I know how hard you try
You deserve to have so much more
I can feel your heart and I sympathize
And I'll never criticize all you've ever meant to my life

I don't want to let you down
I don't want to lead you on
I don't want to hold you back
From where you might belong

You would never ask me why
My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore

I would rather hurt myself
Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to say but good-bye

You deserve the chance at the kind of love
I'm not sure I'm worthy of
Losing you is painful to me

I don't want to let you down
I don't want to lead you on
I don't want to hold you back
From where you might belong

You would never ask me why
My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore

I would rather hurt myself
Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to say but good bye

You would never ask me why
My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore

I would rather hurt myself
Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to try
Though it's gonna hurt us both
There's no other way than to say good-bye

You Are, Aren't You?

Some people would say something they saw or what they heard.
Sometime, they would judge you according to what they have seen and what they have heard.
It is normal for human being.
Judging people just based on what they saw and what they heard.
The question is,
Would they change their judgement after they know you?
Do not answer me, ask yourself.

Some people that you have already known told you,
“You are my best friend forever.”
It is normal in friendship.
To say something to earn you trust.
The question is,
Are they really meant what they have said to you?
Do not answer me, ask yourself.

Some people that you have known for a long time told you,
“I understand you, dear.”
It’s normal in life.
Say something that will make you comfortable.
The question is,
Are they really understood you?
Do not answer me, ask yourself.

Some people that you just know told you,
“Thank you for being my friend.”
It is normal for the first met.
That is a basic sentence we heard for a new friend.
The question is,
Are they really wanted to be your friend?
Do not answer me, ask yourself.

Good Morning Dear Si+Zi (^^, )v


Good Morning Dear Si+Zi MySpace
wish u have a great day today MySpace

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Chop!!! Chop!!!

Please don’t say any words.

Enough with your mouth!
Enough with your act!

You don’t consider people around you
When...You said a word
You did an act.

I’m wondering
 If you realise what you just did,
For sure... someone should remind you sometimes.

Please bear in your mind,
Don’t you ever think you are the only one who lives in this world!


At the open door of the room I stand and look at the night,
Hold my hand to catch the raindrops, that slant into sight,
Arriving grey from the darkness above suddenly into the light of the room.
I will escape from the hollow room, the box of light, and be out in the bewildering darkness, which is always fecund, which might
Mate my hungry soul with a germ of its womb.
I will go out to the light, as a man goes down to the shore
To draw his net through the surf’s thin line, at the dawn before
The sun warms the sea, little, lonely and sad, sifting the sobbing tide.
I will sift the surf that edges the night, with my net, the four
Strands of my eyes and my lips and my hands and my feet, sifting the store
Of flotsam until my soul is tired or satisfied.
I will catch in my eyes’ quick net
The faces of all the women as they go past,
Bend over them with my soul, to cherish the wet
Cheeks and wet hair a moment, saying : “Is it you?”
Looking earnestly under the dark umbrellas, held fast
Against the wind; and if, where the lamplight blew
Its rainy swill about us, she answered me
With a laugh and a merry wildness that it was she
Who was seeking me, and had found me at last to free
Me now from the stunting bonds of my chastity,
How glad I should be!
Moving along in the mysterious ebb of the night
Pass the men whose eyes are shut like anemones in a dark pool;
Why don’t they open with vision and speak to me? What have they in sight?
Why do I wander aimless among them, desirous fool?
I can always linger over the huddled books on the stalls,
Always gladden my amorous fingers with the touch of their leaves,
Always kneel in courtship to the shelves in the doorways, where falls
The shadow, always offer myself to one mistress, who always receives.
But oh, it is not enough, it is all no good.
There is something I want to feel in my running blood,
Something I want to touch; I must hold my face to the rain,
I must hold my face to the wind, and let it explain
Me its life as it hurries in secret.
I will train my hands again through the drenched, cold leaves
Till my hands are full of the chillness and touch of leaves,
Till at length they induce me to sleep, and to forget.


Baby, Are U Down?

I Miss My Beloved
Kak Oni
Abang Sufi



Out of the darkness, fretted sometimes in its sleeping,
Jets of sparks in fountains of blue come leaping
To sight, revealing a secret, numberless secrets keeping.

Sometimes the darkness trapped within a wheel
Runs into speed like a dream, the blue of the steel
Showing the rocking darkness now a-reel.

And out of the invisible, streams of bright blue drops
Rain from the showery heavens, and bright blue crops
Of flowers surge from below to their ladder-tops.

And all the manifold blue, amazing eyes,
The rainbow arching over in the skies,
New sparks of wonder opening in surprise:

All these pure thing come foam and spray of the sea
Of Darkness abundant, which shaken mysteriously
Breaks into dazzle of living, as dolphins leap from the sea
Of midnight and shake it to fire, till the flame of the shadow we see.

everything just happened like that
you can't expect
you can't predict
they JUST happened.


After Many Days
I wonder if with you, as it its with me,
If under your slipping words, that easily flow
About you as a garment, easily,
Your violent heart beats to and fro!

Long have I waited, never once confessed,
Even to myself, how bitter the separation;
Now, being come again, how make the best Reparation?

If I could cast this clothing off from me,
If I could lift my naked self to you,
Or if only you would repulse me, a wound would be Good,
It would let the ache come through.

But that you hold me still so kindly cold
Aloof, my flaming heart will not allow;
Yea, but I loathe you that you should withhold Your greeting now!

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