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Friday, February 17, 2012

New Comer

it has been a long time since i didn't update my dear bloggie
quite busy with my study(jawapan cliche)
well, there's a lot of things happened
these two weeks.


it's a bit disappointed when it comes to "commitment & responsibility"
it crashed the joy and happy moment.
very cruel, isn't?
at the moment where we felt happy and rejoice
suddenly something happened and smash our happiness.
that is what "life" being called.
life will never be fair to everyone.

some people will say that
something happened for reason (another jawapan cliche)

[i know everything happened for reason...
i don't need you to remind me that]

i tend to forget something easily...
although i'm not.
there's no good to revenge on someone or something
that already told you a lesson.
that's ungrateful!
my grandpa said.

i tried to fill up my heart with love and joy
always positive and optimistic.
that is better.

dear B,
I've never felt that you would come to my life again.
after a long time, you came to me and we're together again.
dear B,
if I let you go something that I belong
forever it will be gone.
the love will never shine
it's so hard to say since you're far away
there is nothing gonna do
the love is only you.
to the end of time I'll be missing you.
I tend to be happy in front of you.
even my heart is hurt
I'll never show that to you.
you're my precious love dear.
I'm not the only one for you
I'll accept that.
everything that might makes you happy
will be fine to me.

when I see your face
it's full of joy and cheery.
your smile are cheerful
and it makes my day flowery.

I thank to Allah for this happiness.
I know that someday
I'll hurt again.
don't bother because I'll cherish
this moment in my heart
so that I'll not hurt badly.

dear B,
I wish you will happy always
I'll pray for your success.
I love you so much.
deep inside my heart
you are the one that I care most.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Today Is 2nd Of February

happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to Mama...
happy birthday to you~

dear Mama,
I would like to thank you very much
cause you've sacrifice your life just to let me see the world.

dear Mama,
I love you very much
as you have loved and cared for me.

dear Mama,
I miss you so much
although you're in front of me
because you are part of my life.

dear Mama,
I could not asked more from you
as you have gave me everything that I needed.

dear Mama,
I just can wish and pray for your happiness
since I could not repay your shelter
since I'm in your womb until now.

dear Mama,
how I wish that I'll always be beside you
and take good care of you.

dear Mama,
nothing could replace you in this world.
I never found someone like you.

you are


so much more I could not say it.
you are perfect for me

Dear Mama,
Am Love You From Deep Inside My Heart
Just For You

Happy Birthday Mama.
I Love You So Much

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