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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Take 5

actually, fyi...
i'll not updated my blog 4 a couple days..
maybe weeks....
coz i hv to gv more attention to my condition now..
i hv to take gud care of myself becoz
sumtink had mess me up..
got an appoinment wit doktor pakar tis coming december 7th.
hope the result wil not ruin my life.

really hope tat i'm gona b fine.
alto, the doktor said tat thr is sumtink wrong wit my blood n body.
really...hope tat i'm gona b ok...
i'll miss my frens...
hope can see u guys tis coming 2nd term...

i'm stil under observation..
huhu...2 weeks to go...

till then..
c ya...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kamu Bercinta Sampai Ke Mana?

... wahai insan yg mabuk cinta, siasatlah benang yg menyulam kasihmu. Apakah ia sebuah takwa, atau cinta yg buta yg tidak berpijak d bumi nyata?

Pasangan yg bercinta, mereka mencari syurga. Mencari bahagia dan kepuasan santapan jiwa. Biar runtuh awan di langit, biar gegar d lantai bumi, lautan api sanggup direnangi. Itulah kuasa cinta. Pengorbanan yg ditawarkan demi sebuah cinta yg menjanjikan kebahagiaan.

Tiada insan yg sengaja mencari derita. Seperti ikan mencari air, si dahaga mendamba seteguk minum, mata mengantuk disorongkan bantal, demikianlah setiap insan mengerumuni cinta. Demi sesuatu yg menjanjikan bahagia.

Namun, dalam asyiknya manusia bercinta, di kala itu jualah manusia menderita. Rumah tangga musnah, hidup berantakan. Tatkala inai masih di jari, anak belum pun sempat berdiri, tiang rumah dan tangga cinta roboh dirempuh badai.

Luar biasa...

Itulah realitinya. Bahawa biar sehangat mana pun cinta yg membakar perhubungan dua insan yg berkasih sayang, mereka akan menjadi musuh di antara satu sama lain di Padang Mahsyar. Jika dahulunya mereka menolak pertolongan yg ditawarkan demi kebahagiaan sebenar, hari itu mereka pula saling bermusuh dengan permusuhan yg tidak mampu lagi ditolong.

“Pada hari itu, teman-teman akrab setengahnya akan menjadi musuh kepada sesetengahnya yg lain, kecuali orang-orang yg perhubungannya berdasarkan takwa.” (Al-Dzukhruf: 67)

Neraka dunia yg menghancurkan bahagia datang bersama tekanan. Ujian yg amat menghimpit beban. soal anak, pekerjaan, keinginan, ketidakpuasan, kemahuan, dan kesangsian. Rumah tangga yg berlayar d tasik madu, menjelang senja menghiris sembilu.

Justeru, wahai insan yg mabuk cinta, siasatlah benang yg menyulam kasihmu. Apakah ia sebuah takwa atau cinta buta yg tidak berpijak d bumi nyata? Sesungguhnya cinta yg tidak bersendikan takwa adalah cinta yg berakhir dengan permusuhan. Jika tidak d neraka dunia, pastinya neraka abadi d alam sana.

Tidak mungkin syurga di Akhirat menjadi habuan kita, andai dunia bersalut neraka. Dunia ladang Akhirat, apa yg disemai pada hidup yg sementara ini, itulah tuaian di Akhirat yg kekal abadi.

Berjuanglah berbekalkan takwa untuk mengharungi epilog sebuah cinta, hingga terkecap syurga dunia.
Berjuanglah sampai mengecap bahagia perjuangan, rumahku syurgaku, baiti jannati ...
Kejayaan bukan sebuah destinasi, ia adalah sebuah perjalanan.

Bercintalah sampai ke Syurga, wahai dua insan bercinta.

© Galeri Ilmu Sdn. Bhd.

Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?

You Just Said The Worst Thing You Could Ever Say
I Don't Understand
Why It Just Can't Be This Way
I'm Crying Because Of You!!

Oh I Hate!
Yes... I Hate All Your Lies!!

I'm So Scared
And I Fear What I See In Your Eyes
But I Hope, I Dream, I Search, I Pray
Now You Have Some Love Left For Me
Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?

You Just Did The Worst Thing You Could Ever Do To Me
I Don't Understand Why
I Cannot See
That It's Hurting
Because Of You!!

Oh I Hate!
Yes... I Hate All Your Lies!!

I'm So Scared
I Fear What I See In Your Eyes
 I Hope, I Dream, I Search, I Pray
Now You Have Some Love Left For Me

Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?
Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?
Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?

I Hate!
Yes I Hate All Your Lies

I'm So Scared
I Fear What I See In Your Eyes
(You Don't Feel Anything)
I Hope, I Dream, I Search, I Pray
Now You Have Some Love Left For Me

Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?
Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?
Do You Have Some Love Left For Me?
Do You?


Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Wish That...

I Wish That One Day
A Guy Will Say That
He Loves Me
Because The Way I Am
He Will Love Me Until Here After.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Day You Went Away...

Listen to these songs makes me sick of remember U.
There are a lot of memories about me and U
I just can’t forget about it
U came to my life and U makes my days
How can I forget U?
Tell me...!!
After what you’ve done
U suddenly gone and don’t want to show your presence in front of me
What I’ve done to U?
If I’d done wrong to U, please...let me know.
If U kept silent...U’ll never satisfied with your life now.

Hurm~I wish that I could say that to U. 
Sadly, I’m too weak to say it to U.
I dare not to speak it in front of U. 
Lol~I’ll let it just pass me by. 
What’s Azza said is true, loving someone in silent actually is better rather than express it to the person. 
At least, U’ll not shame on yourself by telling the person your feeling. 
Lalala~ Who knows, the person have nothing feeling towards U.
Don’t U shame? 
Lol~ I’ll kill as much mosquito as I can if it happens to me. 
Well, not everything that we want we could get it in a blink eyes.
You’ve to spent some or a lot of sweat in order to get it. 
That is not easy as U thought. 
Maybe it’s worst than what U think. 
BTW, for U, the person that I “heart” damn much... 

“Please, do take a good care of yourself. Please take your meal in time, don’t get gastric or otherwise you’ll spew everything in your stomach. Please, don’t get sick. I’m not next to U to take care of U. I’m not in front of U to make sure you’d a grin smile. I’m not at your back to support U if U fell down.

I wonder could it be. 
When I was dreaming 'bout U and U were dreaming of me. 
U may call me crazy or blind to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time. 
Did I lose my love to someone better and does she love you like I do? 
You know I really do. 
Well, so much I need to say. 
Been lonely since the day that U went away. 
So sad but it’s true, for me there's only you. 
I’ve been crying since the day you went away. 
I remember the date and time. 
November sixteenth, Tuesday, thirty five after five. 
And we were letting go of something special. 
Something that we'll never have again, 
I know I guess I really know. 
Why do we never know what we've got 'til it's gone? 
How could I carry on when the day you went away? 
Cause I've been missing you so much. 
I have to say that I’ve been crying since the day you went away.

Lots of Love,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Coklat...I Lost Your Track...

I lost your track
Miss U damn much...

Last night I dream of U again.
In my dream
U mad with me...

I felt uneasy with the dream...
I've tried to remind myself that

just want to see U again
in reality
not in the fantasy

Miss U Coklat.

Lots Of Love...

Just 4 U Coklat

In A Relationship With You

14th November 2010...
this date shows that we’re in a relationship again.
Really miss U dear.
This is the second time we’re declaring it in the social web.
I have no idea when I show my relationship at the web.
Just I miss U damn much.
U came to my heart and lives in there.
U build your house and place it on my heart.
I can’t throw it away because I welcome U to my heart.
It’s my pleasure to have U in my heart.
I love U dear.
And I’m badly miss U.
When shall we meet again?
I’m waiting for U...deep inside my heart;
I hope that we will hang out together like what we’ve done before. Miss U Dear...
I’m giving U this hope because I know, U heard my heart talks to U.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Blogger Friends....Another Tagged 4 U..^_^

Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Don't send a message, leave a comment on here. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses.

Follow this format.

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we met?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. When's the last time you saw me?
11. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
12. Are you going to post this in your notes and see what I say about you?
13. What is my best attribute?

p/s:please reply this entry using comment here...TQVM....^_^

Back To Bongawan...^_^

Good Morning Blogger. Hallu. This morning, my family and I will go home...yeppie!! hehe.. we’re OTW to our village, Kg. Laut, Bongawan, Papar. Erm..about 2 hours from our house at K.K... lalala~ well, actually we’ve used to back to Bongawan which our family there always asked us to go back. Hehe... Honestly, we missed them very much. I haven’t meet them since I studied at IPG. Huhu... So sad. But, I still can contact them at FB..hihi..very useful leh FB...hihi... ;P
Since I’m bored in car...(crossing finger) I managed to update my blog..^__^ yeppie!! Erm...this morning, when Mama woke me up...I felt very sleepy. Honestly, I’m so tired yesterday. FYI, yesterday was our last lecturer classes at IPG. Lol~ very happy since holidays mood was coming. Ngeh3~ truly, I missed my family damn much. Indeed! I missed my grandparents also. I haven’t see them for a long time.  Erm...about 4 months. Sob...Sob...Sob...miss Uwa Haji n Uwa Hajah...Sob...Sob...Sob... Oya, before I forgot... I dream of someone that I don’t know of her but looks like we’ve met before. Her face looked very familiar to me. Suddenly, Sis Maziziana came and she make an announcement about our IPG Diner...(I’m confused here)...  If i’m not mistaken, she’d already at Miri. Haha...dream always nonsense.^__+
Waaa.... I miss Sis Zizi, Sis Ziah, Sis Gee, Coklat, Wina Chan, Kak Ain damn much. la yang dorang buat skang ni eh...? hehe...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

BFFH....I miss U...=.="

Today, u makes me miss u again Azzatul Fatonah. Why is this sudden? What r u thinking now? I wonder because I miss u so much. Do u feel the same as me, dear? Sorry if my entry now seems like I’m a lesbian but truly inside my heart... I really miss u Azza. I haven’t heard from u for a long time. I miss u badly. Indeed! I wonder where are u? What r u doing now? I tried to call u many times but I can’t reach u. How come? Where r u? Are u fine? Did u eat enough there? Hurm... I miss u dear... I can’t stop thinking of u... Remember of u makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. I love you, Azzatul Fatonah.

Ohya, ni kami punya 1st Date..3rd April 2010...haha..kami 1st time keluar berdua.hohoho...yg ni Azza yg p edit2..aku pun x tau bila masa dia, aku suka. *wink2*

Lepas tu, disusuli ngan date 18th April ini..hihi

After our date, we back to our home. Hoho..x lama pas tu, rindu tu dah ada buat dia.. Dialah org pertama yg aku rindu..huhu..padahal, baru berapa minit dia sampai rumah. Erm...i miss u, Azza.

Yg ni pulak date kami yg third..hihi...on 1st May 2010.


Time ni kami 2nd last jumpa. Dia pegi KML n aku pegi IPG... Hurm, aku cuma dapat hadiahkan dia novel yg dia suka. Itu pun, satu jelah...hehe...well, I'm not so rich to give her a car..kuang3...haha...just kidding. But for sure, I give her something that she can read anytime she want. ^__^

N yg ni pulak yg paling last kami jumpa.

Ahaha...3rd May 2010..kami x snap pic time ni...masing2 cam ...erm,aku pun xtau nak describe camana... kami makan Pizza n jalan2 menghabiskan masa d CPS...yg penting kami happy la jugak...ada lagi koleksi kenangan untuk kami kongsi bersama.

Yes..Today Is 14th November...You're Right

Baru balik dr outing ma family td. Kami p makan2 jak. Nda sempat mau p jalan2. Dorang mau cepat2 pulang. Lagipun, dorg p sini sbb mau amik barang2 aku jak. Hoho... urm, before jalan tu mau kenalkan mama ngan dorang kak ain, lady, wina n nda smpat pla..huhu..lapar uda perut ni minta isi. Oya, aku sempat juga call coklat, kalau2 dia nda sibuk(suda bangun) mau kasi kenal my mama ma dia..huhu..hurm~ tp, dia blm sedia kali. Mama pun ok juga...mama cakap, mungkin belum jodoh lg mau jumpa. Biarla. Sibuk kali tu. Aku pun ok jak la. Walaupun sedih sbb nda dpt mau kasi jumpa dorg... T_T..­­ huhu,sorg wanita yg aku sayang...n sorg g kakak yg aku sayang.., pas makan2 tu..kak ain dapat jumpa ma dorg..hihi..sukanya hati ini..hihi..
But, as happy comes to me.. something happened makes me sad again..hurm. i don’’t like this. I’ve tried my best to ignore u once i saw ur name in my phone or at FB. Really, i hate it. we have nothing already. But i used to hear n saw ur name everywhere. I wish HYUN+ZI was here.. sad..HYUN+ZI already home. Hurm~ so sad. Coklat, n NAGA also hv their last paper tomorrow.hurm... okay..stop with that..
Now is my beloved friend’s turn. I had a request from someone that my BF likes before. Once i saw the name, i know..there must have something wrong. Otherwise, that person would never add me as friend in FB. Hurm..wat i can tell the person there was just let my BF cool down herself...Thats all. N i don’t need anything that would make me feel sad about my BF again..hurm~

Till then...
C ya..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lalala~ Mama n Abah Punya Slot...^_+

korg nak tau x..
xnak?....huh..xpe..aku tetap nak btau..
hari ni.....korg nak tau ari ni ari apa....?
hhuh...! xtau..?
hari ni hari sabtu larh...
aku gurau pg jer tu..(kui3...ada wayar sot arini..)
ari ni merupakan ari yang cukup bermakna bagi diri aku...
nak tau napa...?
hari ni hari ulang tahun yang ke-22 mama n abah aku...
da dewasa upanya "perkawenan" beliau2 ni..
huhu...13 november 1988 adalah hari d mana beliau2ku di satukan...
dari sanalah munculnya trio satrionus...yang berjuang untuk makan...
xlarh..dari situ ar munculnya trio offspring yang hebat2 n d luar kebiasaan tingkah lakunya..
hahahahah...sapa larh tuh...
hahahahah...sendiri mau pikir harh...
apa larh aku ni..pg2 da melalut xtntu pasal...haha..anak sapa larh ni...?
xtau aku...xda pun tersiar di berita WORLD OF WORLD..
bagi mama n abahku yang tercinta...
anakmu yang "jajal" ini mengucapkan....
"HhaAPpyY AanNNniIVveERrsSAarRYy YyaANngG KkeE--DdoOPpuULloOHh 
DdoO ...
SaMoGa PeRkAhWeNaN BoNdA N aYaHaNdAkU InI KaKaL HiNgGa Ke AkhIR HaYaT CuCu CiCiT CiUt MiUt AnDa....Heheheheh..."
i love u mama.....
i love u abah....
i will owez love both of u until im die...
huhu..sedey la pulark..hahahah...
dont sedey2 k..?
hidup ni mesti di hargai...
sebagai mana anda menghargai nyawa anda....
tunggang dengan cermat..ingatlarh...
owang yang tersayang....kuakuakuakua....
opss..salah type...
pakailarh tuppi kaledar..n ingatlarh owang yang tersayang....
kehkehkehkeh.....opssss...salah gak....
pasangla tali kasalamatan di dapan n balakang tampat duduk...
dan ingatlarh owang2 yang anda sayang....
hahahahah...ini baru betul....
apa punya org larh...
iklan slalu main kat tv,itu pun xingat...
talinga tu entah latak di mana....di lutut..?
ishishishish.....dasarlarh ko ni...x tau menghargai apa yang udah diberi..
hahahahahah....akhir kata....
ingat, layan, hormat, patuh, sayang , cinta, n hargailarh
org yang anda sayangi
mereka pergi
meninggalkan anda
untuk selama-lamanya....
terima kasih...
i lurve u mama..i lurve u abah..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today Is My Outing Day...^_^

When the feel come to me...

Today is 12th of November 2010. I, and another 2 of my FRIENDS,(one is MY BELOVED FRIEND, one is MY "EVIL" BROTHER :P joke) were enjoying our day for the second time. We had our meal together. Actually, today is my turn on “something”. Lol~ Dudut, I’ve already done my promise. ^_^

This picture is when we outing together on 24th October 2010, 07:38 PM. It has interesting story behind. XD

This picture looks in dark because we're in the car. No light. Flash from the Phone Camera only. ^_+ But, we like this picture so much. ^_^

And this picture is from our memory today, 12th November 2010, 04:47 PM. Can’t story more on this. “Memori Yg Terlalu Berharga” ^_^

This picture clear because we have enough light. No need flashy. LoL~
We loved this picture also, because........(we like it).......

Actually, the “feel” has come back to me. “Feel” that I shouldn’t have for this time. Hurm~ What I Should Do??

BTW, we had a GREAT time together.
Thank You Very Much 4 The Day Friends~
I Love It...

I Dream Of You Hubbies =.="

Last night, for the first time...I’ve dream of the people that I Love most at the same time. I didn’t expect to have such lovely dream as last night. I won’t wake up until my clock shows the number 07:00 AM. Lol~

I miss the much.
I dreamed of my beloved FAMILY, Coklat, Sis Belle, Farah Shaqhirah, Siti Haziah Raduan, Geviana Anak George, Maziziana Anak David, and “someone” that I don’t know his name. I forgot already. For sure, I love the person too.
In my dream, I was heading to some place that seems as our hostel in IPG, Block D, as I remember. I was much closed to Sis Belle. We’re laugh and happy together. Then I met Farah Shaqhirah and follow her to her dorm. I met her mother there, my ex-teacher at the middle school, madam Halimah. I’m glad to meet both of them since I’ve long time didn’t make to visit them. I noticed that they are not very fine. Madam Halimah doesn’t look healthy. Farah Shaqhirah also doesn’t look happy. Although they look happy in front of me, but I know there is something wrong with them. Hurm~ I hope they’ll just be fine. Amen.
After that I’ve dream of my beloved family. Nothing bad happened. They are just fine and healthy. They look very happy there. I loved that. I’ll meet them soon. Can’t wait to see them... Homesick again. ^_^
Siti Haziah Raduan, Geviana Gladysha Anak George, and Maziziana Anak David come into my dream when I was on my way to Hall. I met them was laughing. Seems they’re very happy (maybe because they manage to go home early than us...^_^) BTW, I’m happy when they’re happy. ^___^ that’s will be my pleasure. I love them damn much. Sis Ziah, Sis Gee, Sis Zizi, I’m glad to know you all. I thank to Allah because I met you here. Thank You Very Much Sisters.
And last part of my dream, was Coklat and me. We have to go to some place that very far. But Coklat was not there with me. I’ve look for Coklat everywhere but I didn’t see Coklat. Then, I saw Coklat dorm, “Coklat must be there”, I said. I run as fast as I can to reach Coklat. Once Coklat saw me, Coklat suddenly hug me. Coklat said, “hye Kura-Kura... I missed you so much. Mana kau hilang ni?” Then Coklat laugh. We walked together and have a chit-chat. Coklat seems very happy and I loved to see that. Everyone in my dream seems very happy. I’d love to dream this dream again. What such a lovely dream.

Good bye to you my trusted friends, we’ll never see each other until we manage to do that next time. I’m glad to know all of you in my dream at the same time. I’ll missed the dream so much.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lady Queencess Punya Tagged Q Lagi.. lol~

berikan 5 perkara yg anda benci
pastikan cukup dgn contoh dan peristiwa
perasaan anda selepas meluahkan
tagged 5org yg anda ingin mengetahui perasaannya

1. x menghargai
aku xska org yg xmghargai..xkira dlm apa jenis perkara..espclly in love..plg xska klu dia xmghargai psgannya..xkira boyz or gurlz..hargailah dirinya selagi ada..

2. xska talam dua muka
aku xska org yg buat baik blakang2, hampeh mo mampos!!

3. berlagak
xska org yg berlagak..berlagak cun, berlagak cantek, berlagak lawa..dan berlagak kaya..
semuanya hanya tipu berlaka..hohoho

4. poyo dan sengal
xska org yg mcm ni..bajet perfect!!

5. xjaga hati org lain
aku plg feed up ngn org yg xpndai mo jaga hati org lain..diorg ni lebih2 klu kita tersilap perlakuan..pantang ckit mo terasa..walhal..hati org lain xpndai mo jaga..

5org yg kena tagged
lady queencess jak yang kena tagged dalam ni..


The Most Masterpiece of DD-Chan

First Masterpiece ^_^
There’s still no words from you

You treat me so well
but I don’t appreciate it
but now I understand
you’re suffering because of my stubbornness

Idiot, that’s not true
you still can’t understand me?
Your love only belongs to me
Please don’t leave me

You’re always by my side
but I never appreciate it
can you forgive
an idiot like me?

#I still don’t have the courage to hold you,
Second Masterpiece ^_^

Your two warm hands gets cold when I’m cold
Your heart that used to be strong becomes sensitive when I’m hurt
Take my hands silently, hold me silently, I’m only wishing for such little comforts
You don’t know my heart that wanted to do more just for you

Call out my heart, free my soul
It always felt like the first time, these remaining days are more than the time that I came to love you

There’s no one like you, even if I look around it’s just like that, where else to look for?

Third Masterpiece ^_^


Take times to realize.
“how much I need you now”
“how hurt the feelings when you left me”
“how bad I am when you were hurting”
“how much I miss you before”

Old memories remind me of you.
I leave everything now.
happy for you. Happy for me too.
I found somebody just like I found you..
Difference people, different name, different manner, different face.
But…everything is reminded me of you. 
When you start blaming me? Do I feel just alright? Silently quiet…. 
just takes time to realize.. 

:my roses is you: 

© All copyright are by Qcs.Lds

wahaha..i like these damn much..they inspired me... hohoho.....
Copyright© All Rights Reserved♥ ♥ ♥ AmNi ♥ ♥ ♥