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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Borang Permohonan Penempatan/Pelantikan Bagi Guru Pelatih IPG KPM Tajaan KPM 2015


Dear readers,

My post for today is "EXACTLY LIKE THE TITLE" above. ( ^_^ )

I post this entry as to assist those who "lost" in finding the link of the form (borang permohonan penempatan), just like me. ( =_= )

Honestly, I really forgot to bookmark the address before I clean up my web history. stupid  clever of me! I browse my ipg website, sadly... frustrated... the link is not there! ( =_=). And when I ask my "friends"... no answer given. If there's... nothing could lead me to the right address. Hurm... friend... so many friends are so-called "friends". ( _-_ )

Lalala~~~ Please ignore my comment above. ( ^_^ )

So, back to my post here!

This post is just another link for those who wants to find the link to fill the "borang permohonan penempatan 2015."

Just click here to enter the KPM blogspot. You'll see page below once you click it.

Don't forget to read the instruction before you click the other links k...


Trust me, you won't want make mistake here. ( ^_^ )v

Anyway, wish you all the best!


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